About us

TRIO Bridge View is above all a partnership between people that share  the passion for quality and cherish a correct and transparent business,  respecting each other and who set out to build one of the biggest brands  of real estate development in Romania. We pay attention to details and  we are searching for strategic locations for our projects, with relevant  interest points in their proximity. We are looking for that architectural  style that brings a distinctive look and completes your lifestyle through  our apartments and facilities that we offer to our future community. One  of our values is not only building apartments but making smart spaces, a  mix between design and technology, a concept that defines the house of  the 21st century in the biggest cities of the world. Our mission will be the  constant optimization of the space, choosing the best materials and  construction methods, and also infusing the latest technologic solutions  in our buildings. 

TRIO Bridge View is us, the founders: Florian Predescu, Co-founder,  Cătălin Sima, Co-founder and CEO, with over 7 years experience in the  management of residential projects in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest and  last but not least, Michael Israeli, Co-founder, a developer with an  experience and international portfolio of over 20 years. Among the  projects developed by him, we remember Atrium Shopping Mall from  Arad, 4 malls in Hungary and residential projects with over 1.000  apartments in New York, United States, Hungary, Romania and Israel.  

Florian Predescu’s experience exceeds 12 years of activity and is materialized by the delivery of over 250 individual homes, starting with small boutique buildings and continuing with apartment blocks of similar size to the current project.